Wrap up holiday shopping: Check your neighborhood bookstore for these 6 paperbacks

The modern world of enhanced brevity and rapidly consumed content is full of quotes by inspirational thinkers, leaders, artists, and, perhaps most notably, writers. Memorable quotes are ubiquitous on social media feeds, often referenced by politicians, and are plastered across any variety of merchandise, painted signs, and greeting cards.

In the following quiz, Stacker put together a list of 50 famous quotes and the writers who coined them using data gathered from Goodreads, newspapers, magazines, book and poetry foundations, and author websites.

Many of these quotes have become part of a common language. Others may be trickier to place. Some of the most popular quotes, which get repeatedly splashed around social media, are incorrectly assigned to the wrong person; others are completely inaccurate altogether.

It’s impossible to overstate the power of writers to inspire, comfort, or cure us from our experiences of loss, confusion, or flat-out boredom. They provide us with expansive bodies of work filled with snippets of gold. Poets often work to provide the most impact while taking up the least amount of space, but all writers are capable of expelling brilliant little quips of authentic wisdom, truth, and absurdity. They simply fall out of them.

If by chance there aren’t enough handy quotes in your lexicon, there are plenty in the following quiz, ranging from topics as disparate as politics and the tragedies of the human experience. It’s a good thing too, as they come in handy and don’t require much effort. Like author Dorothy L.Sayers says, “I always have a quotation for everything—it saves original thinking.”

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