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LONDON, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly developed website/mobile application i.e. Online Magazine – World Class Writers Platform. Online Magazine is the best platform for readers and writers both as it allows writers to kick-start their career as an author while helping readers to enhance their vocabulary.

Where you can explore yourself or someone you know, who has the talents in writing or creating – Drama, Romance, Travel, Cookbooks, Children’s, History, Comics, Ideas, Famous Dialogue, Action & Adventure, Anthologies, Science Fiction, Poetry, Art, Diaries, Series, Biographies, Fantasy and many more (more than 40 categories to choose from) – Please share this app to them (friends, family and relatives) and help us to create unexplored Gems. Our Professional team will help them to become Professional Writers. Please keep sending your writings and creations. The App is absolutely free and very easy to use.

Online Magazine is pleased to announce write-up contests on CONFESSION, SHARE YOUR SECRET, MEMORABLE MOMENT, SUSPENSE/ MYSTERY and ROMANCE. The features of the contests are as follow:

  1. Anyone aged 15-80 years, from students/ interns/ teachers/ volunteers – from any educational or professional background – to homemakers and retired persons may participate.
  2. The write-up must be of at least 300-600 words; articulate, original and free of plagiarism (please note we have a plagiarism checker). Any article uploaded which is found not adhering to the guidelines given, will be rejected for the contest.
  3. The Write-Up could be in English, Hindi or Bengali, even in Urdu or Arabic.
  4. At least 250 users need to participate in the contest i.e. 1 out of 250 original write-ups shall be chosen as the best and its creator shall be announced as the winner. So there isn’t any deadline to submit the same until we receive 250 entries.
  5. Small prize money of USD 14.99 along with a “Certificate of Participation” shall be awarded to the winner as a token of appreciation.
  6. You can also invite your friends, family, colleagues to participate.

How to participate:- please send your original write-ups on ANY or ALL of the above Topics (in MS Word to allow us to check the word count and for plagiarism, if any) of no less than 300 words along with your Name, Age, Highest Qualification, Profession, Location plus a Color Photograph to [email protected]/ [email protected]

*Terms and Conditions applied and all rights reserved to lam aid limited.

Following are some of the features of Online Magazine for writers as well as readers:

  • Initially, writers/readers need to create their account by providing necessary details such as name, username, email id, mobile number, password and by uploading a profile picture.
  • After becoming authenticated users of online magazine platform, writers can post their stories under different categories such as biographies, comics, history, poetry, science fiction, arts, Action and Adventure, and many more. In this way, Online Magazine helps writers from all over the world to start their writing career.
  • To add new stories, the writer needs to specify the category under which the story/blog will be published, Title, Description, and need to upload feature pictures as well as an appropriate image related to the story/blog.
  • Online Magazine provides an advantage to writers to post stories anytime irrespective of their location with availability of working gadgets (phone, tablet, etc) and an internet connection.
  • The online magazine allows writers to view the status of their stories/blogs/poems using LIVE and PENDING features of the mobile app. These two options allow writers to check whether the story submitted by them are posted live or are under admin review.
  • Though writers can post their stories, blogs etc online at Online Magazine, but all the contented posted by the writers undergo pending for admin review, where admin go through the entire content posted by the writer and publishes the content only if the words or lines included in the content does not hurt the sentiments or beliefs of any community/religion etc.
  • Moreover, once the article is reviewed and published by the admin, writers will be able to view them in “LIVE” stories list, while readers will be able to read the article under “All” categories.
  • Readers can read the writings of the other writers or authors published under different categories. Online Magazine helps readers to explore their knowledge by reading different articles, blogs.
  • Readers or writers of Online Magazine app/website can mark the published stories as their favorites and can read later on as per their convenience. This feature allows readers to directly read the story from “My favorites stories” feature without searching all the categories.
  • Another main feature of Online Magazine mobile app/website is that it allows readers as well as writers to search the published stories using “SEARCH” feature on the basis of different keywords, Author, Title and Category.
  • One of the most significant features of Online Magazine platform is that it allows readers to not only read the published stories, blogs, or articles but also allows them to listen to the stories, articles in 6 different languages. Online Magazine app has the ability to convert the stories posted by the writers to 6 different languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, and Chinese.
  • Apart from all these features, Online Magazine also allows users to publish their ad on the Online Magazine mobile app. However, users need to send an email to the admin of Online Magazine platform requesting to publish their ad on the Online Magazine mobile app along with mentioning the time duration of publishing the advertisement.
  • Online magazine platform allows writers to pen down their thoughts in the form of articles, stories, and poems.

Become a professional writer by posting your stories/blogs/articles online at ONLINE MAGAZINE

Pen Down Your Thoughts in the form of stories/articles/blogs at ONLINE MAGAZINE and let the readers and publishers around the world recognize you as one of the Most Professional Writers!

Publishing /Media/ Entertainment/ Production Houses can also opt for Online Magazine, as a platform for placing their Advertisement Banners at a very nominal cost, as this is a Global Platform and hence the reach and publicity/promotion would be maximum, throughout the World, as compared to that of a Localised Platform.

We welcome all Publishing/ Media Houses to browse through our exclusive contents. They are also highly welcome to post their already published contents to reach massively to every nook and corner of the world.

This is the golden opportunity for the Publisher/ Media Houses to find hidden talents and writers and publish their articles and earn.

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Online Magazine - World Class Writers Platform

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